Our Services

LP Gas

LP Gas is a very versatile fuel because it burns easily in air with a hot, clean flame and a great deal of it can be contained in a relatively small container.


We have been installing LP Gas in the area for over 20 years, either contracted directly to customers or subcontracted by builders.


We have a variety of products available in our shop including gas-related hardware, cookware, braais, and camping & outdoor accessories.


LP Gas appliances are usually extremely hard-wearing because the technology is well-established and there are not many moving parts

Afrox Gases

We hold stock of many other Afrox gases as well as LP Gas.  For many years now we have been supplying the local hospitals, doctors and veterinarians with a full range of medical gases.

Helium Balloons

We are happy to fill customers’ balloons with helium in the shop or you can choose from our wide range of coloured balloons.