Hospitality & Industrial Gases

We hold stock of many other Industrial gases as well as LP Gas.  For many years now we have been supplying local hospitality and industrial businesses with a full range of gases.  We supply hospitality gases to hotels, restaurants and pubs for their draught beverages and helium balloons.  And we supply the industrial market with welding and cutting gases.

Hospitality gases stocked by Plett Gas

• Bubbles Small – Co2 for draught

• Helium Small 0.13KG

• Helium Medium 0.60KG

• Helium Large 1.51KG

Industrial gases stocked by Plett Gas

• Nitrogen Technical 11KG

• Oxygen Technical 11.5KG

• Argon Technical 17.4KG

• CO2 Technical 31.3KG

• Argoshield Light 3.6KG, 17.8KG

• Argoshield 5 17.8KG

• TIGshield 3.5KG

• Acetylene DA 8KG