LP Gas appliances are usually extremely hard-wearing because the technology is well-established and there are not many moving parts.  We have seen gas geysers in town still producing piping hot water 60 years after being first installed.  And we know some houses in Natures Valley that still operate with pre-WWII gas lanterns.

We love gas at Plett Gas but even we know that sometimes LP Gas appliances need repair.

Fortunately for you, we have vast experience of repairing LP Gas appliances.  Bring your faulty LP Gas appliance into our shop on Main Street and we will usually be able to fix it on site.  Our standard charge for an inspection fee and simple repair is R175.00, excluding materials.  If we cannot repair your item, we will recommend and quote on the required changes.  We know that saying goodbye to your cherished LP Gas appliance is heartache enough.

You can also call us out to repair built-in LP Gas appliances at your place.  We promise a quick and courteous response with a call out fee of R450.00, excluding materials.  That call out fee gets you up to an hour of our time.  If the repair takes longer we charge R175.00 per half hour thereafter, excluding materials.

We can repair any or all of the following:

Rollabout heaters
Patio heaters
Commercial cookers
Camping appliances
Small cylinders